E.Oberio/May 11, 2020

I love books that teach kids about racial  and cultural diversity. Learning about diversity is important because children need to learn to respect all people and understand that everyone is alike, but also different in some ways. Through these kinds of books, we can teach kids to interact with others and  build bridges of trust, respect, and understanding across cultures and beyond races. One such book is “Milli Boo, the Good Luck Cat” written by author Fazilla Shujaat and here is her interview. 

I am so delighted to interview today, Fazilla Shujaat, author of “Milli Boo, the Good Luck Cat”.

Author Fazilla Shujaat

Hi! Fazilla. Thank you so much for granting us this interview. Would you please tell us a bit about your latest children’s book?

The book is called Milly Boo The Good Luck Cat, and its about a Beautiful black cat. The cat is very friendly and chirpy but due to suspicions, people do not treat Milly Boo very nicely.

First of all, who or what was your inspiration for writing this book?

I heard many stories about how some people were treating black cats so I thought it would be good to write something for young children so they can learn from a young age that color is not important, and that it is the individual person or animal which matters. It is not good to judge.

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

I haven’t considered writing under a pseudonym. Maybe in the future.

How did you select the names of your characters?

Well, I have a Black Cat called Mila so I wanted a similar name to hers.

If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?

I would teach.

Now, if you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Belive in magic, because miracles happen.

Could you please tell our readers where they can find more about you and your work?

Sure, just go to this link: https://fazillashujaat.wixsite.com/fazilla-author

Tell us if you have any work in progress.

I am writing a short script for a cartoon.

Fantastic! Thanks for your time Fazilla and congratulations on publishing your latest book.

Please grab a copy of Milly Boo the Good Luck Cat by clicking the link below:

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