Imagine being uprooted from your home where everything and everyone was unfamiliar.  That’s exactly what happened to Emanuel.  His mother would be traveling for her new job and he had lost his father at the tender age of three. Watched over by his grandmother, what was poor Emanuel to do?

When Emanuel met Evonne and Rio at his new school, things began to get a little more interesting.  Suddenly caught up in a quest to find the mysterious Knotting Clock, the three encounters uncharted territory.  Emanuel is even reunited with his father.  But does his father even know he is his father?

Can the three schoolmates put the evil Queen back in her rightful place?  Can they rescue the children in the dungeon?  Most importantly, can Emanuel and his new friends solve the mystery of the Knotting Clock?

A world where reality and fantasy collide awaits you…read on to find out.  You’d better hang on to your helium orb though…it’s going to be a rough ride.