by E.Oberio / January 31, 2017

Hello everyone. I’m very fortunate to be interviewing today Lori C. Thompson, author of Degrees of Darkness: A Julia Elliot Novel.

Hi Lori, would you kindly tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in writing?

Hi, Eleanor. I’m happy to be talking with you. To fill you in about myself, well, I am a pediatric nurse practitioner, currently working in a children’s hospital in Texas. After I completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in 2011 I found that I had gained a bit of weight, so I started running. This became a passion that lead to 8 full marathons and 6 half-marathons over 4 years. During this time I became hooked on audiobooks which added a lot joy to my training. As time passed my mind began to construct stories of my own. At first I resisted the idea of writing a book. After all, I had never written fiction. But the story continued to evolve into greater depth and detail. My characters finally began to insist that I write their story. So after many starts and stops, I spent the last year writing my first book.

Would you please tell our readers what your book is about?

My book is about a young woman who has the ability to see the future. It was not a skill she wanted and spent her life resisting the visions. She did not want the responsibility of knowing what was to come, what would happen to the people she loved. Then a dark family secret is revealed to her. The secret that a genetic anomaly affects random family members giving them the ability to time travel. She has the gene as does her great uncle Eli. She is forced to time travel and learn to use the visions to stop Eli from committing crimes in 1862 in order to make himself more wealthy and powerful in the present. She is finally forced to embrace her abilities and accept who she is. Along the way she falls in love with Reave Montgomery, a captain in the Confederate Army, and together they must find a way to stop Eli.

Now, who influenced your writing style?

I love Dianna Gabaldon, Deborah Harkness, Stephanie Meyer, Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl to name just a few. I love their books and the talent they display in telling a story.

Wow! That’s great.  Do you have any special routine before you write?

I usually get up around 6 AM and go for a run. My best ideas come to me out on the trail. Once my mind is full of ideas I return home, and sitting down with a cup of coffee, write them all down before they have time to fade.

How long did it take you to finish this book?

A little over a year due to all the starting and stopping (because of all the self-doubt about whether or not I was really a writer).

You have a very beautiful cover and book trailer. Would you kindly share how your book cover and trailer came about?

I hired a graphic designer through a website called 99 Designs. On the website designers compete for your business by creating cover designs for you to choose from. I would highly recommend this site. I had a lot of designers competing and ended up with 101 designs to choose from. The designer I finally chose was someone who took the time to ask me questions specific to my book, the characters and the setting. I think she went above and beyond and it shows in the cover. It was customized to the story. She also went above and beyond by producing the trailer at no extra charge. She was a joy to work with and I could not have asked for a better experience.

If given an opportunity, which actors would you like to see playing the lead character from this book?

For Julia (the protagonist) I see Bryce Dallas Howard or Emma Stone. For Reave (her love interest) I think Paul Walker, Chris Pine or Shane West.

Did you have a favorite motivational phrase or mantra that helped you finish this book?

I didn’t have a mantra so much as I just kept telling myself to push forward, even when I wasn’t sure where the story was going. It worked!

What is your greatest dream for your writing career?

My greatest dream for my writing career is that I am successful enough that it actually becomes my only career.

Would you please tell us how we can find more about you and your work ?

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Congratulations for publishing your debut novel Lori and thank  you so much  for inspiring our readers by sharing your writing journey. More power to you!

Check out Lori Thompson’s novel Degrees of Darkness here.