A Tender Book on the Hopes and Dreams of Our Filipino Migrant Workers

Home is where the heart is. As to the Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs, they have to leave the comforts of home and endure the adversities of a foreign land just to give their family a taste of good life.

As they fulfill a life continents or seas away, they face many circumstances such as grappling with homesickness and culture shock, juggling their work while staying connected to their loved ones, and even possible risks of unreasonable labor or working under an abusive employer.

Our selfless kababayans endure an enormous amount of stress to shoulder this responsibility while being so far away from home. They’re aware of the difficulties and challenges, but they’re still brave enough to sacrifice their time and health.

The mentally exhausting and emotionally draining experiences of our migrant workers make for touching, impactful, and compelling stories.

This thought-provoking book, “Unboxing the Balikbayan Box: Life Stories & Inspirations of OFWs in Singapore”, is a testament to the indomitable spirit and sheer perseverance of our modern-day heroes.

Summed up in this anthology are the works of writers, illustrators, and editors who are current or former OFWs from Singapore. They are willing to share their craft to inspire fellow OFWs and their families—to share the values and life skills that workers, like them, adopt to cope with the pressures of life abroad.

Come to know their biggest motivators and for whom they dedicate their hard work. Recognize their struggle in leaving their homeland to build a better future for their family. Find out their reasons to strive harder even when the life overseas isn’t what they imagined. And essentially realize why we regard them as “Mga Bagong Bayani”.

The kind of life our OFWs live isn’t for the faint of heart.

Their stories aren’t fiction.

Read and be inspired.

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